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H75 backplate


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I received my H75 from Amazon a few days ago and just had a chance to fit it onto my side build.


The backplate is really loose and just isn't staying on the board when I am tightening the standoffs.


I really don't want to attach the main block whilst its loose like this and was wondering if its a problem with the backplate, the small screws inside the backplate are loose with one even falling out before I attempted to it onto the board, I have attached some pictures of the problems I'm having.








As it was purchased from Amazon do I return it to them or would Corsair supply me with a new backplate? and I honestly don't want to find suitable washers to fix this problem as I have had a H60 in the past and currently running a H110 on my main build without problems like this.


The lot code is 13488710.

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im not familiar w/ the h75 however assuming its like the h80i and h100i,the backplate will be loose until you mount the block...





Just found this video and if it turns out to be like that when its all fitted then I definitely don't want to fit this onto my CPU.

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It all tightens up wen u put block on. I have h105 and very lose without block too. Should mount exact same as your h110. They are almost always loose before pump installed. Only board I had with an h series cooler that wasn't loose was x58. X79 as well but doesn't use corsair backplate. Using h105 on 1150 rig right now n tightened up perfect with block.
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