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M60 Vengeance Mouse Issue on Hibernate

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Hey guys,


I just started having this really weird issue which I suspect might have to do with Windows 8.1 where, upon waking after hibernation, the M60 mouse no longer functions properly. The DPI resets to some random low number (2400?), middle click doesn't work, and the scroll doesn't work unless it is spun very quickly



I have disabled selective USB sleep under power options. This exact setup has worked countless times before on Windows 8 and 7 so its made me suspect Windows 8.1.


Is there a workaround for this? So far I found that the only thing that fixes this is unplugging and plugging in the mouse which I assume allows the computer to redetect it.


Thanks for your time.

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I am not familiar with the M60, but I am having a similar issue with my M95. When I resume from standby, the mouse reverts to hardware playback instead of software playback, even though the hardware playback box is not checked in the Corsair software.


If you are using software playback, perhaps your mouse is doing like mine, and the messed-up settings are the hardware profile to which the mouse is reverting.

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