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M45 Problem


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I recently ordered the raptor m45 gaming mouse and got it today, i plugged it in to my computer and everything worked very well.


I went to the corsair page to download the software and firmware. I installed the software and it all worked nicely, but then i installed the firmware i got a message to restart my pc. when i restarted the pc the lights on the mouse started to blink and now it won't work, the only thing that works on the mouse is the right and left button+ the scroll wheel.

when i open the firmware it says:

"Cannot open USB device, please plug the device into a USB port or reinstall driver!"


i've tried all the different USB ports on my pc and even on other computers, still it doesn't work...


OS: Windows 7




Please help!

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Thank you so much!


had to go through the instructions twice before it worked.

after the second time the lights on the mouse was turned off, but when i changed USB port the mouse worked perfectly fine! :biggrin:

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