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Re: Coil Whine with new PSU?


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I recently upgraded my GPU (from a GTX 560 to a GTX 760) and my PSU (to a CX750M) and have noticed what sounds like coil whine during video games.


It is a high pitch squeal which changes pitch when you change direction/menu in a game, and becomes significantly quieter when V-sync is turned on. I haven't noticed it when not in game, and it disappears when minimising a game and reappears when maximising. I tested my GTX 760 in a friends computer (RM750 PSU, same motherboard, same CPU - conveniently) and did not notice this buzzing.


Is this an issue with the PSU, or the graphics card? Additionally, is this a problem or should I just use my system with V-sync (as I would anyway) and just put up with the quieter noise?



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I had a very similar issue myself a while back. The noise was extremely high pitched whine/squeal that got worse the more intensive a game was. The problem only appeared for me after upgrading from a GTX660ti to an R9 280X so I assume it was down to additional strain on the PSU. I tried the same system using a GTX770 and the noise all but went away completely.


My PC is still running with the R9 280X and although I can hear the squeal during more intensive games, I have had no stability issues so I am not very worried about it myself.

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