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Build Log: 4790k + Maximus VII Gene

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Hey everyone,


I am doing a Corsair 350D micro ATX Standard build. I want to take advantage of the knowledge here in this forum. I plan to do use the following parts:


As Pictured:

- Corsair 350D Case

- Corsair H100I

- Corsair AX860 PSU

- Corsair SP and AF Series Fans

- Intel 4790k Devil's Canyon Processor

- Asus Maximus VII Gene Mobo

- EVGA Geforce GTX 780 Ti Reference Card

- Samsung Evo 250gb SSD

- Western Digital Black 2.0 TB HDD


I also will run Corsair GT 180gb SSD x2 in RAID 0 (Boot Drive).

I plan to get a 2nd Evo 250gb SSD for RAID 0 (Gaming Drive).

I may consider a 2nd 780 Ti for SLI down the road


I almost have all components in hand to complete this builld. I am waiting to get the 4x4gb Dominator Platinum 2666mhz and the K70 RGB gaming keyboard from the PC Domination Contest to complete the build.


I am pretty anxious to see the performance of this build with the 4790k here. Feel free to comment on what you think so far on this build. I don't know if going with the red individual sleeve PSU cables is a good idea for cable management due to higher difficulties in cable management? Want to get thoughts on that. Also, not sure which monitor to consider: BenQ XL2720 or the Asus VG278HE? Both are 144hz monitors. Maybe I can get thoughts on that too. I am open to any other suggestions or tips with this build. Never dealt with a mATX build before either.


Definitely will update this build log once I receive my RAM from Corsair to put the build together =)




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Really wondering if this is the guy that spammed my thread a couple weeks ago. Has the same intent of pulling a persons build down before it even starts.


I don't understand why Corsair let a "Monkey" register on the forum to troll our threads...


Thank you guys for the support!

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Hey guys,


I got the 900D and the AX1200i. I replaced my 800D case and my AX860 PSU from my build in the PC Domination Contest.


Thought I'd post some pics here on that. Still waiting on the RAM and RGB Keyboard to start on my 4790k build above.


Some of the pics didn't come out too well.














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