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H100i settings and readings


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Hi all,


have installed my H100i into my case on top of an i7-3960x

I'm fiddling around with my fan settings and was wondering this

- got an I7-3960x temp at 44°c

- got an h-100i temp at 35,7°c

- got an AsusTek CPU temp at 55,3°c


On what temp does the h100i base its profiles?

And are these large differences in temps normal or do i need to reapply tim?


Kind regards,



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I wouldn't use the LINK software for CPU temperature readings as its basically an average of the cores. I would use Core Temp instead to look at the CPU temperature.


The H100i temp is the coolant temp, The fans connected to the H100i fan controller change speeds based off the coolant temp by default. If you have changed it in the software (Grouping) then it will change speed based off the grouped temperature device.

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