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AX650 failing to power


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Hey, I bought an AX650 a little under two years ago and I guess it has been failing for a while now but I had assumed something else was the problem.


For a while i've had to randomly try clearing cmos, repeatedly pushing the case and motherboard power button and flicking the psu power switch. Other times I would just leave the psu powered off for a few days. I figured the issue was with my Asus v Gene motherboard so I bought and replaced this with an asrock fatal1ty z77...Which has exactly the same problem. so that was a waste of money. I've since borrowed a PSU to try in the asrock fatal1ty z77 setup and this seems to stop the problem.


I've read several threads which describe exactly my problem:






I have a ticket open for RMA Ticket Number: 6494002


Hopefully things can get moving quickly with the RMA process as it's extremely inconvenient not being able to use my desktop, since I sometimes work from home.

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Received a replacement AX760 for my dead AX650. Very pleased with the upgrade and the RMA process in general.


I do however have a question. I have already routed and tied all of my old AX650 cables. Are these compatible with the AX760?

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