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Headset broken or driver?


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Hello everyone!


Some information!

- I'm using Windows 8.1

- I'm using the latest drivers for the headset


What I've tried

- Using the headset without drivers, same problem

- Removing the Realtek drivers, same problem


I just revived my new Raptor HS40 after one week waiting for it on the mail.


Everything was sealed the package is undamaged, basically everything is good.

I've downloaded the lasted driver 1.08 and connected the headset.


The sound was the first thing I tested, and it's an amazing sound, no problems with it.

Then I tested the microphone... I got on Skype with Echo Test and my voice was like a robot, really bad background noise, some static noise, it was impossible even to hear it.


So I rebooted my PC and after that I still got the static noise but I could hear myself better, so I went on Skype to test it again, and I could not hear myself.


At first I thought Skype didn't added the microphone by default, but it was there, so I went on Control Panel and I found out that the microphone "was off" (see image 1).


Image 1



Image 2



When I turn my headset to 20 it's just impossible to head that noise...


These headset are my first from Corsair, and to be honest I wasn't expecting this.


Is there any solution?

I'm trying to not send them to replace because I've to pay shipment and it's almost the half of the price of the headset!


I apologize for some grammar errors.

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I apologize for the double-post, but it seems that the headset is really broken.


I've tested in 2 other computers, one both with Windows 7 Ult. 64Bits and I've the same problems.


Now isn't just the microphone, the sound on the headset is getting really weird (yes I've checked the Corsair Control Panel and it's not the settings).


I've found tons of people with problems, not only this headset but with others too.


I've never had a problem with my other Corsair products, but since it's my first headset I just got unlucky...

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