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World's stupidest Air 540 question


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A couple of years ago, I did a build a in a Corsair 500R. I liked the case, so when I set out to do another build earlier this month, I bought an Air 540.


Everything seems fine, except one feature of the 500R is missing, or I can't find it, or I'm an idiot.


I can't find a way to turn off the front fan LEDs. On the 500R there was a button, on the Air 540, nothing?


Is there another way to do that? Did I need to hook them up differently? Is the button cleverly hidden/I am stupid and can't spot it? Or is the Air 540 just a case where the lights are on all the time?


I've looked for an answer, but nothing even seems to mention that the LEDs exist, much less how to control them. Any guidance would be appreciated.

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Not a stupid question. The Carbide 540 AIR does not have a switch which allows you to turn on/off the fan L.E.D.s.


agree, more stupid is when we don't ask the questions.


You might want to change the fan if you don't like the less.

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