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M95 just broke...Not impressed with Corsair lately :(


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Over the course of the last few months I have had nothing but issues with corsair products.


I ordered a corsair 350D at the beginning of this year and had to send it back twice due to a badly scratched window and badly cut side panel that did not close, Corsair did however send me a new side window. The bottom dust filter also keeps vibrating. Corsair support said they were aware of the issue and expertly suggested I used sellotape to fix it!....


I also purchased a set of SP120 fans and AF140's to go with the case and H100i, one of the SP120's had to be sent back as it made a constant whining sound and one of the AF140's stopped spinning after just one week.


A few months ago I got myself a M95 Mouse and the DPI up/down buttons were faulty and would not press in, Amazon sent me a replacement. That replacement has just broken today however, as the mouse keeps disconnecting due to an issue with its cable. My friend has also had similar issues with his Vengeance 1500 headset, as it would not connect due to the wiring breaking in the cable. He was given a refund and bought the Vengeance 2000, however it then stopped charging after a few months.


Is it possible to be given a full refund for my M95 as I really can't be tempted to try a replacement.


Thank you...

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