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Hi all,


I just got an RMA for a corsair ax850 and got a brand new 860ax. The ax850 was making a buzzing sound. Just hooked up the new 860ax and the sound is still there.


Here is what I have tried:


1. Set Bios to optimized defaults.

2. Tried a different video card.

3. Turned off C states in bios.

4. Removed all USB devices.


I have not tried:


1. a different motherboard

2. removing ram sticks

3. flashing back to an older BIOS


I am thinking it is the motherboard. Any thoughts on this would be great.





X79 Sabertooth/ core i7 3930k @4.67Ghz 1.43 CPUv /Crucial H100i CPU Cooler/ Crucial Tracer ballistix DDR 3 1600 12GB @ 1600 mhz 8-8-8-24 2T/Nvida GTX 680/ Samsung 500GB SSD /Corsair 860ax PSU

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Hi, Buzzing can come from the mainboard, I have a R3E from asus and a ax1200i, and I can hear also buzzing , but this when I did a bios reset or when I am in the bios, Had this also with a Be-Quiet dark pro 1000W, with a other mainboard they don't buzz. With my mobo it comes from the power regulators on the mobo and when I overclock the cpu I can hear the buzzing al the time.
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