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H100i(?) has no sockets for link. Which product is it and how should it be connected?


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I have a Corsair Cooling system for an overclocked intel i7 that I bought as part of an overclockers bundle and I cannot identify it! This would not be a problem except that the processor is running at 50-60 C idle.


I have two questions- 1, can anyone help me identify the product? Please!

2, does anyone know if/how I can connect this so that the PC recognises that its there?


It was part of the "Gold Rush Pro Gamer i7 haswell pc" package, and I think it was identified as an h100; However the heat plate part of the component looks like the h100i, but without sockets for the built in link. i.e. it is square, not round, with no dial or any sockets for any connection.


The manufacturers code is CW-9060011-NA/Bulk, which google cannot find.


I have been through endless posts, pictures and both the corsair and overclockers websites laboriously and I cannot find anything to help me identify the product.


I have attached pictures of the component.


I am brand new to this forum and forums in general, so I apologies now if I haven't given enough information or have repeated a post I didn't find. I promise I did look first!

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yep the pump looks much like the H100i without the built-in corsair link. I guess this must be some cheaper version specially made for that contest but that's just me. Let's wait for someone from corsair to answer. BUt at least you have the latest version of the pump.
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!!! It's not H100i then. i is a shortcut for that it works with Corsair Link!!! It's simple H100 with tubes of H100i (h100 has plastic like tubes). Also have younoticed some bent fins on the rad? Or you made them?


Contact overclockers about this.

Never bought a thing from them but few times viewed their website to compare prices (which were higher than in Scan).

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Can't find this bundle, unless it's not overclockers uk?





Found it BUT:


"Gold Rush Pro Gamer" Intel Core i7 4770K @ 4.3GHz Overclocked Haswell Gaming PC

Sorry, this product is currently not available. Please use our search function at the top of the page to look for similar products

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Thank you both for your input.


It was overclockers uk, but they no longer stock this bundle.


The bundle isn't mine personally, and it's not being heavily taxed, which is why it took a few months to discover the overheating.


I have noticed the bent fins, but didn't realise they would effect the function of the radiator (showing my ignorance here!).


I will contact overclockers tomorrow to find out.


I don't mind which model it is, but I do want it to function. It's not currently being picked up by the machine (or Corsair link) which I suspect is because it only has power, no actual data link to the MB. There is no evidence that the pump is functioning at all.


Hopefully overclockers can help.

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Well bent fins might change the efficiency but not much. Unless all are bent :P


Yes, Corsair Link won't work until you have a USB header coming out from the water block connected to the motherboard's header.


If pump doesn't work, then either contact OCers UK or Corsair.

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