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AX1200i: additional longer Molex cables for better cable-management


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Hi guys,


now I'm in the exhausting part of my new C70 built called cable-management :sigh!:.


Unfortunately Corsair provides only molex cables with 4 headers, which are very bulky and hard to handle. Especially the narrow header configuration prohibits a space-saving install.


My problem is that the molex cable is too short to bridge the distance from PSU to 5 1/4 bays in the top front.


Next problem is my Xonar DX soundcard which annoyingly demands a Molex to FDD cable which is within the Corsair AX1200i cable sortiment but the cable is much to short.


So does Corsair offer a molex cable prolongation with maybe only 1 or 2 headers for AX1200i? I cannot find one on the Corsair webside.


This is what Corsair offers but with 4 headers:






Just re-found this:




Very cool: the pic-e pigtails which will spare me 1 pci-e cable.


And maybe I'll replace the Xonar DX with Xonar Phoebus as this sound card provides a pci-e power connector.


Or: Rough solution could be detaching the not needed headers from the main molex cable


On the other hand I'd still be happy if there were a Corsair molex extension cable or an alternative cable for AX1200i.

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  • Corsair Employees

The pinout at the PSU is proprietary, so you're not going to find a longer cable that goes from the PSU to Molex unless Corsair makes it (and they don't).


Best option is to just buy an extension or make your own cable.

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