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Details on alternate RMA on PSU.

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So, a little less than a year ago i bought a psu, HX1050, i have had this issue since i bought it but recently its gotten much worse, i am now done and i don't want another one i want an rm1000 since i hear is is very quiet. Is there any way this could happen, because if corsair can not bring themselves to exchange a product, not even to their loss (the rm1000 is less expensive) to satisfy a customer i will not be buying any more products from them. All i want is my money back on the HX1050 so i can buy the rm1000 or a direct exchange. I notice the warranty is 5 year, and it says they can credit your account or sent





PS. The HX1050 is claimed to be quite on the corsair sight, i disagree. Is should say in all honesty *Not recommended for computers you sit next to* Very Loud!

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