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TX750M Power-on Problem


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Hi. I bought a TX750M from Ebay a while back and it has been fine running an ASUS Sabertooth 990FX, AMD FX-8350, Evga GTX-580 3GB, DVD-RW and a single SSD using the fixed cables.


However I've just installed 2x WD Reds and find that I cannot power-up when a device is connected via a modular cable. The MB LEDs/CPU fan are active for a second or so but that's it. Even if I disconnect all the devices from the fixed cable the result is the same with only a single DVD-RW attached to the modular cable, so it's not down to overloading. I can also add more devices to the fixed cable of 4-pin molex without a problem.


Any ideas?


*** Additional Info ***


As an answer might prove difficult I'll just get a couple of adaptors and connect the SATA devices via the 4-pin molex connectors.

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Sounds like someone sold you the PSU with the wrong cables. If the pin-out is incorrect, whatever you plug into the cable is going to short out the PSU, which will prevent it from powering on.
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Hi jonnyguru. Thanks for responding.


I had thought as much but cannot confirm it as only the blue power cables are marked as HX/TX.


It may be that the seller had more than one type of PSU or mixed-up the old with the new. I'll attempt to contact them.


Failing any resolution with them I assume it's possible to rewire them providing the contacts can be unlatched. The question then is what is the correct positions for them.


I have a multimeter to verify what they are now so it shouldn't be difficult to work out.


Thanks for help.

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