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Ax 1500i-Commander or USB?


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Hi guys, I'm trying to make sense of the senseless corsair Link.


Got a Corsair Commander + H100i.


Soon enough, I will be getting an Ax 1500i.


I was trying to understand how to make use of all the corsair link together.


For example, last time I was using an 860i connected from the COM port to the commander, however, for some reason It was not showing up as 860i, rather 760i.


Also, I believe that you can connect the H100i straight to the commander without using the Usb port right? I tried that once and I was not able to see it working, so I went back and used the USB header from the mobo and it did worked.


As the 1500i has an USB port, will it be better to connect it straight to any usb header from the mobo instead of using the COM link from the commander?


Same question for the H100i, should I use the USB header or the commander cable(Which btw does not come with the H100i) but since I had a corsair fan controller which was a nightmare, have know this cable available, thus I was thinking of connecting the H100i to the commander instead of the usb, however last time I checked, It did not worked.


Thanks for your help!

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If you want couple of Corsair Link devices, I suggest you buy Corsair Link Kit which should let you connect ANY product that Corsair made to meant to work with their Link.


If not, just plug in the motherboard USB headers and you're good to go. You can always swap around and look if there are any instabilities etc.

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