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Orer marked as "Suspected Fraud"


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First, sorry for my bad english, I'm Belgian.


My order #200137659 is marked as "Suspected Fraud" and I don't understand why, I have made 17 orders on the store and I've never had this status on any of my orders before.


Could someone from the Customer Service help me to resolve this issue ?


My order is completely legitimate, I'm a regular clustomer.


All the info I gave, name, address, credit card number, are completely accurates.


I know I should probably make a phone call to the CS directly but my english is really too bad to follow a conversation on the phone...


Best Regards,



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I'll try that. Thanks a lot for your help!


EDIT : Finally, I made a phone called to the CS, it was really embarrassing... my english is really awful.


Anyway, I don't know what was the issue with the status of my order, they just asked me my phone number and the issue has been solved.

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