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K70 keyboard has 2 dimmed down LED's


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Hi all. So i just noticed after having my keyboard since march, that two of the LED's on the keyboard aren't as bright as the others.

If i toggle brightness levels they are still dimmed down compared to the other LED's. See the pictures.




I don't know how i should return the product since i live in Denmark, so i have come here to ask what i should do about it.

I submitted an RMA but i don't know if it applies to a country such as Denmark.


Any help is appreciated.

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They have not dimmed down but have failed. You have joined the club of the silver/blue K70 keyboard owners with failed LED's.


The silver K70 has been discontinued and an RMA will only replace it with the black/red K70.


I suggest posting in this thread http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=121181


Cancelling a product is admitting a flaw as far as I am concerned. I am waiting on an answer from a Corsair employee before starting a ticket.

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