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bad chip of ram


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Have a 512MB chip of Corsair PC-2100 that while installed, my computer will not boot. I have several other chips of crucial PC-2100 that computer boots fine with. If Corsair is the only chip installed and in any slot, computer does not boot. Crucial installed in any slot, computer boots fine and memtest passes fine, thus ruling out bad ram slots. I've tried resetting bios defaults and lowering ram timings down to make sure complete compatibility. My guess is bad chip. Can't run memory tests on chip since computer won't POST, but all fans, etc startup. No error beeps or any display on monitor.


System specs:

AMD Athlon XP 1800+

ASUS A7V333 Rev 1 (latest non-beta bios)

WD 120GB 7200rpm

XP Pro (though this doesn't matter since computer doesn't get past POST)

Audigy (original)

Plextor cd-burner and dvd-burner

Antec 450W PSU

msi rx9800pro

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