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Need help with my RAMs


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Hi, goodnight.. I have a few questions because I bought 2x Corsair Memory Ram of 8gb each one.. so I have two computers and I want to put 8gb in one and 8gb in the other, each computer already have 4gb of memory (all memories are the same mark, Corsair Vengeance and the same frequency).


My first question is: It is beneficial to add one memory of 4gb and other of 8gb?


My second question if the following motherboards support 16gb of RAM:


-ASUS P8H61-MLX3 R2.0



I really appreciate your help, I need this information, thank you.


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Both boards should support 16GB memory no problem. However i generally wouldn't recommend mixing different kinds of memory and especially of different module sizes.


Also the P8H61-M LX PLUS R2.0 only has two memory slots, so you would need 2x8GB to get to 16gb.

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