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Corsair Vengeance 2100 - Power & Charging LED Solid


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Hello all!


I am currently having an issue with my Corsair Vengeance 2100 Wireless Headset. First off, I must say that I love the audio quality I've been getting from my Corsair headsets. They are just amazing


Now on to my issue. I was using my headset just now like any other day. I then heard one beep and I knew that the battery was about to die. So... I plug it in... and all of a sudden, I don't hear anything. I look at my headset and the blue power LED and the amber charging LED remain on and solid. If I hold the power button, the blue LED goes off for a split second after 15 seconds of holding it down. On windows, my volume indicator appears, like it does when the headset connects/disconnects. Should I just wait for the battery to die and see what happens.


Corsair, I do love your products. I have two Corsair cases, a Corsair K70, a Corsair M60, a Corsair H100, Corsair RAM for three PCs, the Corsair Link Lighting and Cooling kits, three Corsair PSUs, a Corsair Vengeance 1100 headset, and a Corsair mouse pad. I have also owned a Corsair H80i and a Corsair H60 (2nd Gen). I have loved all of your products. I have had aesthetic defects (LEDs not working) on some of your water coolers, but other than that, most of your products have been solid. The Corsair Wireless Headset series is the one that I have had so many issues with. Here is my history with them:


V2000 #1 - Bought some time in 2012

V2000 #1 - RMA on 4/29/14 due to cracked earcup issue

V2000 #2 - Received #2 from RMAing #1

V2000 #2 - RMA on 5/18/14 (same day as arrival of #2) due to distorted sound on left ear

V2000 #3 - Received #3 from RMAing #2 (expedited RMA)

V2000 #3 - RMA on 11/19/2013 due to cracked earcup issue

V2100 #4 - Received #4 from RMAing #3


I hope that my headset isn't broken and that it will work once the battery dies, but, I just find working with these headsets to be annoying. I do love them though. I have an ASUS Xonar Phoebus Sound Card and several pairs of Sennheiser Headphones. I still go back to my Corsair Vengeance 2x00 Headset due to the convenience but still excellent sound quality. I'm not sure if these headsets are just unreliable sometimes or if I am just extremely unlucky. I try to take care of each new headset more than the previous so I can avoid sending it in. Living in NJ means shipping, waiting, and receiving my RMA takes at least a week or two.

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