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Interested in H100i


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I am interested in purchasing the H100i, But i am afraid of the noise problem from the pumps/fans. I am currently using a Zalman 10x Optima Air cooler. I was wondering if I will see any gains using the H100i and how prevalent the noise problems are.
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I run the H100i and do not hear the fans.

Only time I hear them spin up to where I can hear them good, is during stress testing my system with something like Prime95 or LinX.


I built this system in Dec, and am very pleased with the results. The cooler does a great job on my 4820K overclocked cpu. ( running at 4.50 ghz). This system is way quieter than any other air cooled system I had before.


I would note - I am running windows 8.1, so I did not install the Link software due to the issues of it with Windows 8.1. Mine runs at whatever default profile is hard coded into it, which I have heard is the " Balanced" profile.

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I have swapped the stock fans for Noctuas which still give great cooling and are a lot quieter. It's taken me a bit of time to get the system as quiet as I'd like though. I've now got a reasonable fan profile which keeps them very quiet unless I'm gaming and even then you have to strain to hear them over the gunfire. :D: I've got a Coolermaster HAFx case which tends to be a bit noiser because of the sheer amount of airflow it affords.


I also mounted the radiator with rubber grommets (and wire cable ties) which stopped my case from humming - the screws just didn't agree with my case. All in all, very pleased and the temps are very good - but it wasn't dead quiet out of the box for me.


Had a Noctua NH-D14 previously and I'd say the H100i is a good bit quieter under full load now. (I've got similar temperatures with a less aggressive fan setting)

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Also looking at the h100i or maybe the 105, but need some detailed measurements to make sure it will fit my case.

Is there an official diagram?

If not would one of you lucky owners be able to measure your rad and fans please? in metric sizes please.


my case has a space at the top of 51mmx160mmx305mm. if it was mounted slightly off centre the height from top of case to motherboard coould be more like 57mm. using an Xclio nighthawk case with ATX size mobo.


the 2 points it may touch are the CPU 12v supply plug and the Ram slots.


Also as it's a sealed system I assume there is no way to unplug the water pipes from the rad without messing up the system and voiding the warrenty? Only asking as my case also has watercooling gromits so could mount the rad on the top rather than inside. or spose could mount the fans ontop of the case and have the rad inside.


anyone got an h100i in a tight space? pics?



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