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Vengance 2000 Headset not Connecting


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Hiya, I've had my Corsair Vengeance 2000's since late January 2014, and they were working perfectly for several months until late last night.

About 10 seconds after I heard the battery low beep, the headset just disconnected.

The light was flashing on and off as if I was out of range or there was nothing to connect to.

I've fully charged the headset, i've tried discharging it and recharging it and even manually pairing the headset and the dongle, but to no avail.

I'll try it in my laptop to see if it's my PC, even though in windows it says it works perfectly despite it not working at all.


If there are any alternate solutions to RMA'ing or returning then I'm willing to try because RMA'ing at this point would leave me without any headphones.



- Josh.

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if the headset is faulty you can request a advanced rma where they send you a new set before you have to send in the old ones.


you would need a credit card for this, from what i know there is no charge to credit card unless they dont receive the old set.

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