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Programming M65 for WoW


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Hey guys, i just recently purchased a M65 gaming mouse. After downloading the software i was able to figure out how to set up a macro for the sniper button which in WoW was tied to my burst macro for my character. My question is kinda tricky though. In wow you are able to move your character around by holding both the left and right click mouse buttons simultaneously. I do a lot of PvP in the game and always need to be moving my character around however when i try to use the burst macro in game that is macro'd to the sniper button on my mouse it stops me from moving for a sec which is making it really annoying because i have to re-click the left and right mouse buttons again to continue moving which by the time i am able to start moving again the target has already moved away about 10 yards losing me valuable uptime. I just want to be able to hold left and right click at the same time and then hit the sniper button tied to my ingame burst and have it NOT stop me from moving so i can keep control of my character and have an overall seamless burst rotation. Anyone got any ideas what could be the issue?


Thank you.

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