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600T and LED cabling


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Second time builder here but first time with a Corsair case :P. Had a few question on how to connect the front panel indicators and power switches to the mother board.


I have a Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD7 TH LGA 1150 Z97 Dual Thunderbolt 2 ATX Motherboard.


I noted that the Power light connectors were separated and labeled by polarity PLED+ and PLED-. Easy enough. Now the the HDD Indicator light, the power switch, and reset switch are all two pin plugs. On the motherboard they are labeled with + and - polarities, does it matter which way I plug the cables in? If yes, how do I tell which side is - and which side is + on those plugs? I noted that one side has a small triangle marking, is that the negative side?






Found this little guide. Wanted to know if the Corsair case followed the same convention.





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