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Build advice: PSU, cooling, and overclocking headroom.

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Background: I'm looking to build a gaming rig to experiment with some stuff I've never been willing to chance before: serious overclocking and serious GPU overclocking combined with custom water cooling (what I REALLY want is a CLC GPU cooler -hint, hint-) but that doesn't seem to be on the ready agenda. If so, and if there is a fixed and certain date, tell me.


Although maybe it is better that there isn't; it would be nice to have a serious custom rig to show off.


So: it needs to go into a 650 or 750 (since I have both, and they are as big a case as I can deal with).


I am going to start with a EVGA 780 titan, because I want to have the option of their hydro copper water block. (I may use a 760 that I had in my wife's machine before I gave her my GTX 690 when I upgraded as a test case, though. Debating.) I'm also debating going with an H100i, or going with a single loop for both CPU and GPU, mostly for space reasons. Am I allowed to ask for help here if I don't use it and go full custom cooling instead?)


The muted rig looks like this:


[750/650 or (if it can be swung) 550, which I suspect I could do with pure open loop cooling)


intel 4930k/ ASUS X79-deluxe

16gb vengeance 2133 (blue. Blue shall be our theme)

GTX Titan

1x Neutron 240 (boot)

1x 1tb SSD (gaming)

2x 3tb caviar red raid 1 (even that might be overkill; I keep most of my media and all my backups, on a onsite/offsite pair --home and office -- of very large Drobo NAS arrays

A PSU of completely unknown size, although unless I go with an SLI setup --very unlikely with the titan -- I think I won't need more that 1000 watts. Which points toward the RM1000 vs the AX1200; this is an expensive rig already, even given that I'm salvaging easily half (ie, the drives) from other boxes and I don't want to squander... what? $200 on an overkill PSU.


Anyway. Thoughts, suggests, and especially how-to advice would be really, really welcome. I'm sure there are easier ways to accomplish some of what I'm trying to do, but part of the point of the exercise is the water cooling; if it wasn't I'd just keep upgrading my existing machine.

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