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Hey guys first post sorry if its wrong place or I its been posted before and solved.


I have installed my corsair h100i and it was working fine. But ofcourse I wanted to have the red light because my system is red and the white light was bugging me. So I installed corsair link and boom probslems occured so i will make a list of a few questions I need help with and I am a big noob so please be gentle :(


1) My corsair link was fine so I put all my fans to performance as I dont mind fans being loud and would rather them be running fast and was downloading things, it seemed to crash, the light turned off and turned off the light which was also acompnied with a error from windows (I cannot remember what it said, it was a "ok" or "cancle" I was S&%$ing myself at the time) . I restarted the corsair link software and it all restarted. Just before this incident I had updated my graphics cards drivers and suddenly it seemed to start telling me multiple fans where failing with 0rpm and the temps where 0 but upon looking inside they where still running. I am a confused little bunny. Has this happened before to anyone else and should I be worried about it happaning again? The only thing I have done to the h100i is that the firmware has been updated to 1.0.7. due to me just pressing the "update" button


2) Is there any way I can stop it from controlling my AMD R9's fans. I liked it when it was doing its own thing as one fan is slower than the other and I would rather have a loud safe graphics card than a quiet overheating one. I have tried to "delete device" but it still keeps coming back.


I am sorry if this makes no sense and I need help here as I want to leave it downloading overnight but I cant if its goanna just keep turning the cooling on my cpu and other components off :( I have just come off a night shift myself so I need to get back to bed.

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