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Problmes with a CMX1024-3200PRO on a VIA-VPSD VIA P4PB400-FL


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I have just replaced my ram module for a CMX1024-3200PRO stick. And my machine keeps rebooting. Do I need to change some paremeters on the BIOS? This the only module that I have. And I didn't upgrade or change anything else. Before I bought it I check the compatible modules at Corsair's website, and this one was in that list.



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  • Corsair Employees

I would try and manually set the timings to the tested settings and set the Dim Voltage to 2.7 Volts then please test with http://www.memtest.org to be sure.

In addition, I would make sure that you have the latest bios as well.

If you still have problems, the detailed spec of your system may help isolate the cause.

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I'm sorry I can't answer by email anymore but I've some problems with that.

Well I loaded the optimized default settings and the I tried the settings you told me. Here are the results of the program(http://www.memtest.org) :

-CPU freq: 133 (Same as the optimezed value). Many errors

-DRAM Clock: 333Mhz. Maximum value 200Mhz. 8 errors and then got halted.

-DIM reference voltage: 2.75V. That value is not available so I tried 2.7V. Got halted

-System performance. My pc's BIOS doesn't this option.

-AGP Voltage: I left the optimezed value 1.5V

-CAS: 2T. Machine didn't boot up just beeped so I left on 2.5T

-tRCD:3T (Same as the manual value). Pass 2, Errors 71

-tRP: 3T (Same as the manual value). Pass 2, Errors 71

-tRAS: 6T. Pass 1, Tst6, Errors 22

-SDRAM Burst Length: 8 (same as the optimized value)


Maybe you would like check the manual at ftp://ftp.fica.com/manuals/motherboards/VIA/VIA%20P4PB%20400%20series/P4PB 400_Manual_v1.0.zip


I am looking forward for your answer.

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  • Corsair Employees

Your settings are too agressive for the module you have:

Please set them like this:

CPU freq: 133

-DRAM Clock: 333Mhz.

-DIM reference voltage: 2.7V.

-CAS: 3T


-tRP: 3T

-tRAS: 8T

-SDRAM Burst Length: 8

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