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yes i know this already been discuss on other forums. but previous builds AX1200 had all Japanese caps. but all new productions AX1200i are not 100% Japanese caps anymore. only the main 2 caps are. but that also not made in japan directly:roll:

i was reading the other thread on jonnyguru site as jonny was explaining the reason of that but still the quality is the main concern.

Hasn't this been talked to death already YEARS ago?




There's no cost issue here - we have an approved vendor list. Anything that's on the list can be used. The vendor list is highly scrutinized and severely limited at the AX-level product. To get on the approved vendor list for AX the field failure rates and other performance specs have to be exceptionally tight, which is why we offer a 7 year warranty on those parts.


If Engineering has approved 4 separate vendors for the AXi secondary caps, then whatever's in stock and available can be built with those parts. You could buy one tomorrow and you might get Rubycon, Taicon, Nippon-Chemicon, or whatever else was on our approved vendor list.


Taicon is partially owned by Nichicon and the factory making these caps makes them to the Japanese standards with the Japanese methodology. The field failure rate is very, very low. Flex uses these caps on a lot of server products that have even more stringent lifespan and performance requirements than we do.


But then again, this is the internet, so I expect a percentage of people will use this to wag their finger at us despite having limited or no knowledge whatsoever of the lifespan or performance requirements.


Just like people complained that we used "too fast" a fan in one of our PSUs even though the fan maxed out at 60% duty cycle or something.

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The tiny capacitors on the modular interface not being Japanese has been discussed to death. But you're saying that only the primary capacitors are Japanese brand? Do you have pictures of this? Do you have a picture showing that the secondary capacitors in an AX1200i are not Japanese?
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