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Just Bought new Memory, but an older version


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Im glad I asked then, Thank you both of you for your replies.


I guess I can't get a Memory block which matches the one I have in my computer, So I guess im going to sell it and buy 2 * 8 gigs of something else, probably used, would these be a good choice considered im using my workstation for Cad and rendering:

Kingston HyperX Beast KHX24C11T3K2/16X DDR3-2400 16GB(2x8GB)/1Gx64 CL11 Memory


Or can you suggest something that will be a better choice?

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Sorry, it was just that these was for a good price used.


My PSU is also corsair, so its not that I dont like Corsair, im more into the best equitment for the right price than going for the brand.


What Corsair Memory 2 * 8 gb would you recommend, so I have something to consider before I make a choice of what I buy.

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