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32Gb ram help please


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Ive recently transfered over from amd and learning the ins and outs with intel at a very accelerated rate.

Ive just purchased this kit as i wanted a quad channel kit that matched properly but was worried about a few things and just had to ask you guys.

the kit is this....


Corsair Vengeance Pro Red 32GB (4x8GB) DDR3 PC3-19200C11 2400MHz Quad/Dual Channel Memory Kit (CMY32GX3M4A2400C11R)



With my old ram in dual channel it only ever had one xmp profile for 2400mhz and none for say 2100Mhz or lower,is that going to be the case with this set or is their xmp profile on these that i dont know about yet.

Also with my old set put onto xmp profile it always set my vccsa voltage to 1.4v.

is that normal and safe normally or am i likely to chew up the memory controller doing this and would be better doing lower speeds with tighter timings.

And my final question is their any lists anywhere for for the complete timings of this memory and not just the first 4 for different speeds.

thanks for your time and any and all replies.


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the ram arrived today.

installed and set to xmp profile which their only appears to be one being for the 2400Mhz speed,but on a good note it only sets the memory controller to 1.2v and not 1.4v.

weired thing is all seems stable so far but one little niggle is that the xmp profile set it to

But if i check cpu-z it shows the xmp profile being

I did a quick random test on intel burning test with both and T1 appears to be 5Gflops slower,obviously i dont know if this is just a false reading or not accurate.

Any ideas anyone?

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