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H80i not recognized by Link


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Hi, my freshly purchased H80i won't get detected by Corsair Link no matter what I do :sigh!: The motherboard is MSI B85I and I'm running Corsair Link 2.6.5214 on a Windows 8.1 x64 platform. I do have 'Integrated USB Bridge' under Devices and Printers in Windows.


So far I've tried:


  1. Uninstalling the Link, deleting the Corsair folder under Users/.../AppData/Roaming and doing a fresh install after a reboot
  2. Doing the same with various Link versions from the past, as well as betas
  3. Doing the Windows 8.1 registry fix (the one that has something to do with disabling some features of how windows 8 handles HID devices, as suggested here on the forums)
  4. Unplugging the mini USB to mobo USB cable, plugging in a mini USB to USB A cable and running it to an external USB port.


Nothing has helped. I'm running out of options, could you guys suggest anything else I could possibly try to get my H80i recognized within Link?



EDIT. Okay guys how did you do this? Minutes after I post this I get I message prompt asking if I want to update my firmware for H80i. I click yes and now I have all of the Corsair link goodness working! What kind of magic is this?


EDIT#2. Changed the setup back to an internal mini USB to USB mobo header and both fans appeared in Link as well!

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