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Will an AX1500i PSU fit in a Graphite 600T Case?


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I am looking to purchase the AX1500i power supply and have a 600T case. Will the PSU fit? The specs for the case state the max length for the PSU is 200mm. and the AX1500i is 225mm. However, my current Corsair PSU is 200mm and there appears to be plenty room to adjust for a longer one.


If not, I am going with the AX1200i which is 200mm long.


Case: http://www.corsair.com/en-us/graphite-series-600t-mesh-mid-tower-gaming-case


PSU: http://www.corsair.com/en-us/ax1500i-digital-atx-power-supply-1500-watt-fully-modular-psu



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You will be able to fit the AX1500i in the case but you will have to drill screw holes in the case bottom for the little adjustable mount that supports the inside end of the PSU and either use sheet metal screws to fasten the mount (easiest) or use longer screws with nuts (stronger but more work). I was able to get away with not using that adjustable mount on my little AX760 but, as long and heavy as the AX1500i is, I do NOT recommend doing without that adjustable mount.
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