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H100i - Tube came out


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I am looking for some advice really about how to proceed. I purchased a H100i cooling system just over a month ago and fit it with help from the manual and various videos on YouTube. Pretty straightforward, everything was working fine until this morning...


Heard a POP, saw water spray everywhere and the screen goes black. I turned off the power immediately and assessed the damage. One of the two tubes connecting the radiator to the CPU had come out and soaked everything.


I have removed some of the parts of my PC in the hope that they are not completely ruined.


What do I do? I raised a support ticket with Corsair but I don't really know what can come out of this? Are they liable by the fact that their defective product has ruined potentially the rest of my PC?


Other than that, does anyone have any advice on whether any of my components are salvagable and how best to test that without causing further damage?


Appreciate any help.



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