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Third K95 failing - what are my options?


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I originally purchased a K90 in November of 2012. It came with one dead LED, but otherwise worked flawlessly for a little over four months, when an issue where keys either doublestroked with a single keypress or failed to register. Since it was still under warranty, I exchanged it in summer 2013 for a K95, which came with a broken L-Shift key and I then exchanged that for what I thought would be my third and final K95.


However, this keyboard has came under fire from the same doublestroke/unresponsive key problem that affected my K90. And unlike my K90, this is affecting almost every key on the board and is insanely frustrating since I write for a living. It's impossible to predict and it's taken around ten minutes longer than it should have to write this post because I have to go back and delete the erroneous double keystrokes or fix where it never registered in the first place.


Is there anyway I can exchange this board? I'm strapped for cash and frankly a bit dubious about spending another 100+ dollars on a fourth keyboard when three have failed or shipped to me with defects. I love this keyboard when it works properly, so I honestly hope there's something that can be done.


I have tested this keyboard on two other PCs, every available USB port, and updated the firmware. There has been no change.

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