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Push To Talk (PTT) - How To Picture Guide


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Hi Folks,


I've had people/friends online complaining about the in-ability or difficulty of using this keyboard with PTT functions which may be required by programs like Team Speak or Ventrillo.


So here is how you do it;


You will need to software for your keyboard which can be located at http://www.corsair.com/en-au/support/downloads


(You may need to change the above address for your own region)


1. Select the macro key you want to use (on the left)

2. Select 'Advanced Options'




3. Click inside of the 'Basic Commands' box and select 'Keystroke'




4. Select the 'Plus Button' next to your 'Keystroke' command.




5. Click inside the box and press the button you wish to macro (I use the asterisk key)




6. Select okay and you should be done, you can now press and hold that button for as long as you wish.



I hope I've helped some of you out since this seems to be a problem in my personal experience. To the mods, feel free to delete or whatever. I only made an account to post this and (hopefully) help some people out.



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