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750d rad clearance


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If you want to use a 60mm radiator then you should go for Push/Pull. Otherwise the performance would be worse than using a slimmer one. So one with this thickness would be better suited for the front (and then it shouldn't be bigger than 280).


In top of the case i'd recommend a radiator with 45mm or less in combination with a dual bay res. Otherwise the fan(s) close to the front might not get enough air.

If it has to be a 360 i'd use a slim one (aka 30/35mm) in the top and only push or pull.


Right now i'm also building a watercooled system with my 750D. In the front i'm going to install a 280/60mm (Alphacool) and at the top i'll go for a crossflow 240 or 280/30mm (not decided yet as i don't like the XSPC i got atm ;)).

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It will be tight (better get a slim fan from Scythe for the front ;)) but it will fit.


A 280 - which btw. is as good as a 360 - would be imho a better choice. You got a better airflow, have the space to install a fillport, and won't loose the top drivebay for other stuff like an Aquaero (which i strongly recommend for watercooling).


Depending on the radiator in the top you might also be able to add a 120 in the back of the case.

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So if I go 120+360 I would get optimal performance? Enough to also include a gpu to the loop?


As a rule of thumb you can say that you need approximately one 120mm radiator for every 100 watt.


My neighbor got an FX 8150 with an old Corsair H50 (still running fine!) - i also had one for my overclocked FX 8320. So one 120mm should be good for a CPU (from AMD - with Intel its a bit different ;)). The rest then can be used for your GPU.


But you have to watch out to get the right fans for the Radiator. With a high fin density on the radiator you need fans with a higher speed (noisy) - low density of the fins means you can use slower fans (less noise).


If you havn't bought the radiators yet then take a close look at the ones from 'Alphacool'. They work well with slower fans and are almost completely made of copper. As an alternative you could also use the 'Black Ice Nemesis' from 'Hardware Labs'.


Sorry if I am asking alot of questions, just want to be sure everything works when buying/installing it :)


No Problem ;)



In case you need to remove the I/O panel during the installation take a look at post #22 of this thread.

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