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voyager air build mobile media library


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The Network Media Server is turned off by default (and the two other settings are disabled when it is off). Push the Change button to turn it on.


When the Network Media Server is turned on, you have two choices on when the media library database is built. This process can take a long time (an hour or more for large media collections) and consume significant resources on the drive.


 Selecting “Build Media Server library on startup” instructs the drive to rebuild the media library database each time the drive is restarted.

 Selecting “Build Media Server library now” starts the process of building the library database when the button is pressed.

The Network Media Server stores its database, cache files, and log file in a folder named “ .miniDLNA.” Don’t delete this folder or its contents when the Server is turned on.


Note: In order to prevent corruption of the library database it is recommended that you turn off the Network Media Server, using this settings interface, before turning off the drive.

Source: FW 1.2.8 release notes.

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If you are running v2.0 of the app (and v2.0.17 of the FW) this button rescans the media library database (stored in the .vapoc folder), storing the metadata/tag information from music files, videos and photos. It can take a while. This library is what allows the app toi display the media library options in the app (Videos / Music / Photos).
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