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What Fan Controller Are You Using?


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I'm just using a 5.25" scythe one. Had it for a couple years been dropped, beaten up, and switched between prob 10 different cases. Still going strong. It's 4 channel but have 2 intake fans on splitter on 1 channel and H105 fans each on a separate channel and rear fan on fourth.


that's mine but there is a ton from scythe that look the same but with a bunch more channels. May upgrade mine in the next while if i get a bigger case.

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which is good overall and works well,till its expansion time and alternatives need to be looked at.


I do not plan to fit any more fans in my case.

Have got 3 x 120mm and a 200mm running of the h100i and a 230mm on the side panel plugged straight into the mobo.

There is a fan controller built into the 650d, but I have not used it.

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