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WMC7 WTV Files Streaming Option with App


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The technical limitation isn't in the Voyager Air, which simply uses http streaming to a player app. It is in the iOS and Android media player apps themselves. If there is a mobile app that will play streamed WTV files, we can figure out how to make it work.
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I have the same problem.


Have installed the latest 2.1 Version from july 2014 on both the drive and android tablet.


Have installed MX player app on android. When I click on a wtv file (720p) from the corsair voyager file/folder list in Chrome webbrowser, the video is streaming very well and starts up in the MX player.


However if I try to do the same from the Corsair voayger app the app locks showing the text "Loading file...". Nothing more happens.


It is much easier for my children to use the app rather than starting videos through the webpage list.


Hopefully this can be solved in the Next release?


It could also be nice for the children if the app could show an thumnail also for the wtv files...




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I do not think the app treats .wtv files as videos, but instead as documents (so the "Loading file..." message indicates it's trying to download and open the file.


I need to get a sample .wtv file to test with (and provide to the developers)

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