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Regarding future Voyager Air app updates


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So far I've been mostly satisfied with my voyager air, although I have come across a few cons that have caused me difficulties during my recent vacation. My first major issue occurred when my iPhone continuously ran out of free space despite uploading my pictures/videos to the voyager and delete after. I then noticed that the size of the app increased to 2.7gb. This proved to be quite the annoyance considering that the storage of the phone is a mere 5gb. Without access any to internet I could not simply delete the app and reinstall. So I decided to use a file explorer on a laptop to delete the temporary files held within the app. Immediately after doing so the app restored to its original 6mb as expected without having to delete the app. With this said, I believe an in-app temporary file removal option is due in an upcoming update.


Also, one more concern, when we came home I finally decided to update the firmware of the drive to v2 along with the apps for iOS. The previous version of the app allowed downloaded pictures from the drive to be saved to the camera roll. After the recent update it appears this function has been left out. My family would like to download pictures to share but this has prevented us to do so. I would greatly appreciate this to be brought back as soon as you guys can along with the other issue i mentioned if possible. Thanks.


EDIT: Another issue I've found with the new app, my movies no longer work. I'm getting "unable to play video file". Finding out about this has made me heavily disappointed as I will be going on another trip soon.

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1. The file storage issue you describe is an issue with an earlier app release - v2.0 and beyond have corrected it.


2. Release v2.1 (out in a week or two) will allow downloaded photos to be saved to the Camera Roll.


3. Please provide details on the movie playback issue. I'm not sure what's happening, but the new release actually lets you play more video formats, so your issues are fixable.

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