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H100i horrible noise and pulsing red LED


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About 1 time out of 10 on boot up this happens,

My h100i makes a really annoying loud noise, it's like creeking and has a red pulsing LED.

Normally when it boots it has a white LED and is fine, i don't care about the LED but is it some kind of warning light?

I also see the temps aren't good, im cooling a 4790K and have 35 on idle stock, whereas my old one was getting 27 idle on a 4770K.


I suppose I could live with the noise, i just want to know if it is bad and will soon fail on me, also this is a new build

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I would contact Corsair about this, as it shouldn't happen in this way. Unless you have used the change of LED together with temperature change then it might have been quite random, as LED starts to work fine once C.Link is working
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