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How to connect AX1500i to h100i


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I know from the Corsair Link Frequently Asked Questions thread (link below) that we can connect Corsair AXi series PSU to an H80i or H100i cooler.


But I don't know how to do that....


I have a h100i cooler and brand new AX1500i. (lucky me :)

Both h100i and PSU's usb controlers are connected to mainboard usb connectors separately. For that reason I cannot connect my case's front panel usb into those. Cause there are just two internal usb2.0 connector on my RampageIV Ext. mobo.


Could you please let me know how to connect AXI psu to h100i and therefore I'll use just one usb onboard connector.


I guess there are no exact cables for connectin axi to h100i.

OR it could be done using a cable with mini usb end on both sides.

Which I dont think that is included in the both products..


Help me,


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