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Red, Black & White Air 540 With Modded GTX 780 Ti

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So after a good amount of time my build is finally finished.


It's nothing too fancy but I'm very happy with it.


*Please excuse the image quality, My camera isn't the greatest.*






Night Shot -




Top view -




Front view -




Changed the white rings on the SP fans from white to a nice matt black, I did try red but they looked very out of place with the whole build -




Cable combs came in yesterday, Decided to go with transparent -




24 Pin cable comb -




Installed an LED strip along the bottom under the mobo and under the right side of the mobo, No point installing at the top as it wouldn't be very visible and would clash with the white from the fans at the top and rear -






I took the SSD apart, Sanded down the metal shell, Painted it black, Baked it in the oven for just over an hour *This is a real thing * and once it cooled I put some Carbon Fiber Di-Noc on to it as well as the HDD.


The carbon fiber covered Neutron GTX 240GB and Western Digital Caviar Black 4TB SSD and HDD *Breather hole on the HDD is on the underside* -






Next it's time to mod the 780 Ti from it's boring silver them to something a little bit more sexy !!!


So I'm modding the shroud and "GEFORCE GTX" LED strip on my 780 Ti as I want to make it more, Mine, If that makes sense.


So far I have taken it apart, Scuffed the metal panels up nicely, Painted the silver panels black and right now they are baking in the oven.


This baking procedure hardens the paint as to avoid scuffs and scratches etc... and is quite standard when modding metal of any type be it car parts, Bike parts, Pretty much any painted metal, It helps to harden/cure the paint more thoroughly.


The main already black shroud that sits on the fan itself I left alone as it is matt black with a silver ring around the fan intake and thought it would make a nice contrast to the darker surroundings so left it untouched.


2 hours before I put them in the oven -




And before I coloured the panels I removed the green layer on the LED strip uncovering a clean white colour and then put it back together to make sure it still worked, The picture doesn't do it justice at all -




To change the LED colour you need to first take the shroud apart which consists of 8 x 2mm hex screws and a few 1.5mm hex screws, For this use a 1.5mm and 2mm alan/hex key.


Once that has been done take the shroud to pieces and the LED strip will just fall out.


You can disconnect the wire but it's really fiddly so just leave it attached.


Once you have the LED strip in hand use the 400 grit sand paper on it until you are left with a dark clear surface, Be sure to keep any debris away from the card.


Example below -




Ok so after baking in the oven for a few hours I took the pieces out and let them cool off, Put the shroud back on and it looks the mutts nuts, Infact it looks so good it's the Great Danes Nadgers ! :p:


Not 1 smudge, Scratch or bubble, Quite pleased with the work :cool:


Used a gloss black to contrast the matt black of the already black metal fan cover -
















And as a finishing touch I got a custom cut plain black backplate and put some carbon fiber Di-Noc over the top for a bit of a bling factor -




Also a custom backplate for the Xonar soundcard -




Finished Product Night Shot -








Rig Specs -


Corsair H100i + 2 x SP 120mm Quiet Editions In Push + 2 x AF 120mm White LED Quiet Editions In Pull


Core i7 4770K @ 4.80GHZ 1.34v *managed to get a nicely binned CPU *


Asus Maximus VI Formula


Asus GTX 780 Ti With Custom Backplate 1300/3800


Avexir Blitz 1.1 Original 16GB 2500MHZ *Only a 100MHZ Overclock*


Asus Xonar Phoebus With custom Backplate


Corsair Neutron GTX 240GB *Taken apart, Painted black and carbon fiber put over the top*


Corsair 120GB Force GT *In The Rear*


2TB Western Digital Caviar Black *Carbon fiber put over the top*


4TB Western Digital Caviar Black *In the Rear*


Corsair 540 + 1 x 140mm AF White LED Quiet Edition *Rear* + 3 x AF 120mm White LED Quiet Edition *Front*


All braided cables are from Bitfenix.

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