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540 Air w/ H100i Top Mounted Push Pull


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I'm going to be moving an build in an old case to a 540 Air and I'm running the H100i just mounted with screws on the top of the old case. On the new 540 Air I am receiving I am wanting to run push pull on the top. I am pretty sure I don't have that hanging L bracket thing that came with the H100i and I don't know what is required for a push pull on the 540 Air. Am I going to need those brackets? If so where can I get them or replacement parts for the H100i.


Another random question on the front 2 x 140mm or 3 x 120mm? :D



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All done love the case was easy to work with! Better temps than old case. No new hardware just a case swap :P


Corsair H100i Running Push with SP120 High Performance Pull with AF120's

CPU: Intel i7 3930k 6 Core @ 4.8GHz OC. Can boot at 5GHz but Voltage too high for my liking for stability.

GPU: Gigabyte WindForce GeForce GTX670 (waiting for 800 Series GPU's)

RAM: G.SKILL Trident X 4x4GB for 16GB Quad Channel DDR2400

HDD: Samsung 840 Pro SSD





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