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800d sata3

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I want to update my 800d case with the sata 3 hot swap pcb. Unfortunately I got the case in 2011 and it is out of warranty. When I try to order it off this website store, Australia is not listed as a shipping country. When I sign up to http://corsair.force.com/ nowhere in the registration does it ask me to make my own password. I even used the forget password thingy and nothings showing up into my email. I have a vague recollection that back in 2011, Corsair offered the sata 3 pcb free to existing 800d owners if they paid for the shipping. I never got around to it because I didnt have any sata 3 drives at the time.


I tried looking in other places for the sata 3 upgrade kit, both locally and on ebay and no places in Australia it. Even mwave and that other place listed in the corsair store as local places to get it, do not have it. I have found some overseas shops selling it but they have rediculous shipping costs. How can I get sata 3 upgrade kit? I will be upgrading my computer very soon this month and it would be a shame if I have to change cases because I can get sata 3 on the hot swap bays.


Any assistance from corsair on this is appreciated.

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