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Corsair Link No CPU Temp


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Hi, there are quite a few other posts in the forum with a version of this problem. Having read as many as I could find when I went through this, there doesn't appear to be any common solution.


I started off on Link v. 2.6.5214. Everything appeared to work (fans present - right hardware), except no CPU temp. So I rolled back to 2.5.5145. I couldn't even run it. It gave me a constant Net Framework error, despite having a fresh install of Win 7sp1 and a fully up to date MS Framework 4.5. So I rolled back to 2.4.5110 (your version) and it works (mostly). I have to use the task manager to kill and restart the service any time the computer goes to sleep and there are some other little quirks. The custom fan curves do not work. It just ignores the curve and sets the fan speed where it wants, but I can manually control the fans.


I would uninstall, reboot, and try 2.6. If that doesn't work, then 2.5. As simplistic as that advice is, trial and error seems to be the only path available. Posting your motherboard type and operating system may help people give you more specific advice. Those seem to be the only logical players in this ridiculous dance. You could also try a different USB port on your MB or some people have had success by running an adapter to a standard rear external USB port, but I would focus on the Link Software first. If you have the same problem across all three versions, then it would be time to look at hardware.

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