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H80i : changing fan speeds makes no difference


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Hello !


I am currently benchmarking my processor to see what temperatures I get with the H80i. I also downloaded and now use Corsair Link, it is useful because you can monitor your cooler so as the computer was running different stress tests, I tried to see if the fan speeds would change anything.

I switched between the different modes and it looked like the temperatures didn't change at all (only 1 or 2 °C).


Running different tests with Prime95 (room I think between 25 and 27°C), the indicated temperatures are the ones from the coldest and hottest core.


Idle : 30 - 33°C

Blend (100% load, memory focused) : 52 - 57°C

Small FFT (100% load, maximum heat) : 78 - 81°C


Changing fan speeds (between 1000 and 2500 RPM) doesn't change that much things, also not as I would have expected. Is it normal ?


Thanking you in advance,



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