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RAM gone bad again?


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Hi All


This is my first post and was hoping someone could weigh in on a memory issue I'm having.

My system has been running for almost 2 years now with no problems but over the last couple of months I've had a problem with booting. The problem was when booting I would get stuck in a POST cycle for 3 or more times before finally booting successfully. Restarting the machine would often result in a shutdown and continued POST cycle again. After running Memtest I found 50+ errors so I believed this to be the cause.

Corsair were very helpful in assisting me with an RMA, I have x2 memory kits for a total of 64GB's RAM and they asked me to send both back which I did.

After receiving two replacement kits everything ran fine for a short while and no obvious problems but then I turned the machine on one morning and POST failed 3 times. I ran memtest again and after a single run I found 2 errors.

Is this just down to bad luck or is there something else that can be causing this problem?

My CPU is moderately overclocked to 4.2GHz, RAM is running at correct timings and voltages at 1.5v and is set to rated speed of 1600MHz.

PSU has been tested and works fine.


Sorry for the long post but I'm baffled and could use some help.


Thanks in advance.

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this may not be the problem but do you have latest bios P9X79 DELUXE BIOS 4701 on your board as the 3 last ones are for system stability?


Also what happens if you run memtest with the cpu not being overclocked? Is there any other computer where you could install the ram to test it.

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Thanks for your reply,


I have flashed the BIOS from 4608 to 4701 but it made no difference.

I'm running the CPU overclocked this time but the first time it happened the CPU was running at stock and I still got errors.


I do not have another system to test my RAM on.

If it is the RAM then I can setup another RMA but after it has just happened I'm worried there is a fault with my motherboard or CPU.

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