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Corsair Raptor M30 problems.


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This is my 1st post here so, hi everyone!

I have no idea where to find the files for my Corsair mouse, I have tried looking around on my PC, internet, everywhere.

If someone could tell me where it is located I would be very grateful!


Also, I have been having problems where my mouse also doesn't funtion properly on my Steelseries QcK mouse pad, I was round at a friends earlier and it worked FINE on his, but doesn't work on mine. This only started to happen on Friday, if someone could help me here I would be ever so grateful.



On the website I don't see any downloads for drivers, firmware etc.

I also can't find my mouse within the control panel, is it not named "Corsair Raptor M30"?

Anyway, any help is much appreciated!



- Josh.

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